Tshwane CBC Pretoria East

Moreleta Park, Pretoria East, Gauteng

Business Networking

Pretoria East
City of Tshwane
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012 345 6789

Welcome to the Tshwane Christian Business Chamber - East, a Pretoria based Christian business networking hub for the Christian community. We bring businesses, working professionals, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and churches from all over, together on one single Online-Platform. 

We believe in growing businesses and building communities towards establishing God's kingdom. It is our goal and passion to help Christian entrepreneurs and professionals to be prosperous and successful in their business ventures and professional careers thus fulfilling their given assignments to advance God's kingdom. 

The TCBC provides business owners the opportunity to grow their businesses through interaction with other believers who share their values and beliefs. 

Facilitating Tshwane City Community Transformation Projects and Economic Development as the Tshwane Christian Business Chamber (TCBC).

1. Moral regeneration of the city. Members are to register on the JAMii Online Platform.

2. Infrastructure development.

3. Participating local assemblies may register as one of the local community centres (community centre includes: life skills training as well as entrepreneurial development, service centres, etc.).


Tshwane Christian Business Chamber

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