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Metamorpho offers young people a one-year post matric potential and character discovery course. Our focus is to equip a student for life. Metamorpho has been around for 15 years. The first and most important thing is that in Metamorpho we “stretch” our students all year long and they will function out of their comfort zones, so that they can grow and develop.

During this process a tremendous investment will be made in the following areas of each student's life:

Emotional healing and intelligence, spiritual life and Christian foundation, character building, leadership development and life skills, personality analysis, human relations, conflict resolution, inclusion of responsibility, knowledge of life principles, appreciation of nature, team building, self-esteem, relationships and marriage, life calling, and many more.

The whole process is thoroughly grounded in Biblical as well as current Industrial Psychological principles. It integrates the spiritual and physical life and is principled and practical! The leadership consists of “Life Coaches” who journey with each student. The process is progressive and functions adequately outside the student's comfort zone so that growth can continue to occur and that students will be responsible for their own learning and growth. This all happens in a very dynamic process that is very adventurous and that offers wonderful experiences.

Metamorpho is a "stretching" experience, a year which will never be forgotten.

Live life to the fullest!


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