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Meyerspark, Pretoria East, Gauteng

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208 Carinus Street
Pretoria East
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There are more people in need of care in the homes of this country than in the hospitals / health institutions!

The needs are diverse and most of the time, most of the people can cope but there comes a time when the helping hands and tender loving care of a  knowledgeable stranger is very welcome – this is the time that “SHOMAR”; our associated professionals and qualified health care workers will strive to stand in the gap.

Home care offers a less costly, more comfortable service for clients in the comfort of their own homes. 

Shomar Home Care continues to strive to be a leader in the field of home health care by giving a high standard of  “TOTAL PATIENT CARE” in which the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of the patient/client are met at home (including retirement villages; step down facilities; frail care facilities etc).


Registered Professional Nurse – does assessments and specialized nursing care procedures. (With assessment data the Registered Nurse sets up a Care Plan for the Care Givers and follows up that correct care is given)

Enrolled / Auxiliary Nurses for more specialized care where needed.

Care Givers for general care and support which  according to the National Bill of Health include: care of hygiene; nutrition (intake); elimination (output); prevention of skin breakdown; promote/maintain sleep & reassurance; exercises; basic emergency care; special care (vital signs monitoring; oxygen supply and monitoring etc); environmental hygiene; safety and accurate record keeping

 SHOMAR is registered to the BFH therefore authorization for payment of services to be rendered can be obtained from Medical Aids if they have care giving services inclusive of their packages!


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