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Dare To Love is a God-Movement!

A number of years ago, a small group of men began meeting in the Mugg and Bean in Irene for fellowship and bible study. They referred to themselves as Men@7 as they met at 7am. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit the call was heard for the Gospel to “leave the classroom” and go to the poorest of the poor. This grouping of men mobilised and shared resources taking God’s Grace and Truth to those who have not heard the message of salvation and those who have felt abandoned by God and not loved. The guys went out early on  Saturday mornings, before  sunrise to pour out God’s love and this regular event became known as Power Hour.

God’s Spirit was poured out in the community in amazing ways and more and more people joined Power Hour. The hearts of people were being changed one at a time. The challenge and invitation was extended to people to join in, simply by asking the question, “Will you dare to love?”

The Dare To Love movement was born from those people taking up the challenge to speak Grace and Truth into a world that desperately needs to hear. The emphasis is not on only caring and loving on a Saturday morning, but for it to become a change in our lifestyles. A way of life.

We get asked, what is Dare To Love? Is it a church, an organisation, an outreach? Well it is neither. It is a movement, a God movement.

The clever people define a movement as  a group of people with a shared purpose who create change together. While this definition is true of Dare To Love, it does not differentiate it from a labour or civil/social movement and does not adequately define what a God movement is.

In the book of Acts we read over and over that the Word of God spread, increased and that it flourished and flooded regions. (Acts 6:7, 12:24, 13:49). It was the movement of the Word of God that brought about change.

Dare To Love as a God movement is therefore the movement of the Living Word of God, across Tshwane (we believe ultimately the whole country), by people who love Jesus, spreading His love, peace and hope through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, united and together.

Dare To Love is not a church – but a God movement.


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