This is a call to all veterans, business leaders, school principals, church leaders from all groups and ministries, CPF chairpersons, senior council officials, and all other interested parties to become involved in transforming our city to become the city of excellence that we would all want to stay in.

The concept and plan will be revealed during the event, but we need all our leaders in the city to be involved. We will reveal how we intend to reach our dream for the city; how the moral regeneration plan (schools and churches) will work; how our local government will improve service delivery; how our business efforts will be utilised and optimised to increase opportunities throughout Tshwane; how our safety and security strategy will unfold; the role of all NGOs and NPOs; and how this will benefit all residents, tax payers, wards, regions, and people in the city. Don’t miss this opportunity to report back to your circle of influence and constituencies.

  • Event Location:

  • 72 Brummeria Road,
  • Brummeria,
  • Pretoria East,
  • City of Tshwane,
  • Gauteng