Centurion Business Forum

Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, Gauteng

Business Networking

1011 Pretorius Street
City of Tshwane

Office Number
012 664 6559


The Centurion Business Forum facilitates business linkages, aiming at drawing the majority of business people in the Centurion region into the mainstream economic activity and decision making. It aids the region’s growth and moulds a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to play a significant role in unifying business across political, language and colour barriers.

The Centurion business forum facilitates business opportunities through a business support network. It provides a platform to share information, discuss matters of mutual interest and to establish joint ventures. The business support forum is derived from the need to link business-to-business and to share and discuss business information.Now in order to continue facilitating effective and VITAL communication between stakeholders and business, the Centurion business forum would like to invite you to join our business group with the primary objective of creating an ongoing dialogue between stakeholders and the business community of Centurion.

 Die Centurion Sakekamer is gesetel in Centurion, suid van Pretoria. Die Sakekamer fasiliteer interaksie tussen lede van die besigheidsgemeenskap van alle kultuur-, ras-, geslag- en bevolkingsgroepe, tot die voordeel van Centurion.