JAMii Business Forum - Midrand

Glen Austin, Midrand, Gauteng

Business Networking

Regional Office
51 Pitzer Road
Glen Austin
City of Johannesburg
Contact Number
082 887 3563
Contact Number
081 564 1191

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Isabel Botha
Regional Manager

082 887 3563
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JAMii Business Forum - Midrand, is one of several Business Forums of the JAMii Holdings group in South Africa, and focuses on promoting businesses and organisations in the City of Johannesburg, which is one of 5 Metro (or District) Municipalities in the Gauteng province of SA.

The benefits of JAMii’s interconnectedness:

Jamii.co.za, is the home of the ‘JAMii online platform’, which is an easy-to-navigate web portal that publicly features businesses’ (and a host of other entities) pertinent information on pages called eProfiles. Each of these eProfiles acts like ‘one-page websites’ and they benefit from the JAMii Platform’s established high search ranking, thus increasing their online footprint and accessibility. Since these eProfiles are interconnected within the JAMii Platform as well as linked externally, it further improves individual eProfile rankings on search engine results.

The benefits of JAMii’s interconnectedness reach beyond merely increasing search rankings. It allows clients to create their own online business networks by linking their eProfiles to affiliate eProfiles such as: associated businesses; networking groups; local schools; NPOs; and more. These eProfiles are thus interlinked with others on one platform, as well as linked to their own websites and social media sites. 

Due to the nature of JAMii’s interconnectedness, its developed into an ‘online mirror' reflecting 'real world relationships’ and established its own online presence. JAMii proved its popularity through showing daily growth, already hosting in excess of 2,500 eProfiles and attracting a high volume of traffic. Over the last 29 months, the JAMii eProfiles has already attracted more than 1.5 million visits/engagements.

As seen above, these features continually improve search engine rankings and the popularity of the JAMii Platform, which increases organic traffic to the site. This improves the chances of your eProfile reaching the first page of search results, enabling potential clients who have never heard of JAMii (and/or your product), to easily find your information via your eProfile. This additionally increases traffic to your website, ultimately resulting in increased sales.


Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Search Members Category
Auto Magic Midrand
011 312 1133
Halfway House, Randjespark
Panel Beaters
CV Auto Tech
011 315 5297
Halfway House, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
Carlswald Lifestyle Centre
011 465 9897
Carlswald, Midrand
Malls & Shopping Centres
Health Emporium
011 805 9023
Halfway House, Midrand
Malls & Shopping Centres
Midrand Conference Centre
011 315 8326
Halfway House, Midrand
Conference & Function Venue
Villa Tuscana Guest Houses
011 315 8326
Halfway House, Midrand
Villa Tuscana Wedding Village
011 315 8326
Halfway House, Midrand
Wedding & Function Venue
Grand Central Motors Midrand - Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep
010 594 3641
Midridge Park, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
Grand Central Motors Midrand - Mercedes-Benz
010 593 2278
Midridge Park, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
Alfa Romeo Midrand
010 594 3646
Midridge Park, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
Fiat Midrand
010 594 3641
Midridge Park, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
Minit Print Midrand
011 805 1054
Halfway House, Midrand
Printing & Signage
Volvo Auto Baltic Midrand
010 442 0389
Midridge Park, Midrand
Car Sales & Services
New Jerusalem Children's Home
010 224 0458
President Park, Midrand
Non-Profit Organisations
MVC Incorporated (Carlswald Decor)
011 318 1921
Carlswald, Midrand
Legal Services
The Country Bistro (Midrand)
082 565 3111
Glen Austin AH, Midrand
The Farm Boys
083 607 6782
Glen Austin, Midrand
Farm Produce & Products
Lory Park Animal and Owl Sanctuary
011 315 7307
View Profile
SPCA Midrand
011 265 9935
View Profile
The South African Lipizzaners
079 716 4792
View Profile
Cresset House
011 314 1148
View Profile
Cluny Farm Centre
011 702 1690
View Profile
Rotary Club (Kyalami & Midrand)
076 282 9829
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Yenzani Children's Home
010 221 1184
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Child Welfare South Africa
087 822 1516
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Lewende Woord Midrand
012 661 2164
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GiG Girls Connect
082 887 3563
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Bikers Church Midrand
064 870 7785
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Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) South Africa
011 805 5491
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Midrand Presbyterian Church
011 314 1497
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JAMii South Africa - Head Office
081 788 1229
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