The Apostolic Faith Mission of SA - National Office

Die Hoewes, Centurion, Gauteng

Places of Worship

257 Jean Avenue
Building Nr. 14, Central Office Park
Die Hoewes
City of Tshwane
Contact Number
012 644 0490
Fax Number
012 644 0732/4

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AFM stands for “Apostolic Faith Mission” (in Afrikaans: “AGS – Apostoliese Geloofsending”). The AFM exists since 1908 and is the first and largest Pentecostal church in the country – with 1.4 million members in SA and currently established in 29 countries of the world. “Pentecostal” means that it is a church who believes that the Spirit of God is given to believers to live dynamic and overcoming lives.

Our members are the most visible evidence of the AFM’s vision and mission – living powerful lives and carrying destiny-changing messages. Our members are “apostolic agents” sharing the message of God in every area of their lives.

We see a church accessible to all people, celebrating our unity and God given diversity, empowering our members for caring and changing communities to the glory of God.

The AFM is a missional church – which is a community of God’s people that defines themselves as agents of God. It is rooted in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” God sent His Son to redeem us. We confess that being missional is the activity of God Himself. This prime calling of the church is deeply embedded in the AFM since our birth in 1908.

Being a missional church is no longer understood as evangelising communities outside of the borders of South Africa. Being missional is understood as making a Christ-centred difference there where you live, work and function daily. The time to make an impact for Christ is now and the place is here.

We are dedicated to the true mission of our church:
The whole church taking the whole Gospel to the whole world.
Soaking our communities in the presence and principles of the Kingdom of God.


Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 16:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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